Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Philippines Typhoon: Urgent Appeal for Funds

A Message from the Philippines Solidarity Network

You don’t need me to tell you about the utter catastrophe that has just devastated the central Philippines. It is receiving unprecedented saturation coverage in the NZ media (which shows just how bad it is, because the NZ media usually ignore the Philippines).

This was a storm like no other, with wind speeds higher than ever before recorded and a storm surge that was basically a tsunami.

The Filipino people continue to pay the ultimate price for global climate change. And the situation is made much worse by the unjust structure of Philippine society. In recent days media reports have described it as “an impoverished country”. On the contrary, it is a very rich country, with a huge number of very poor people.

The Philippines suffers from criminal, wilful negligence by local and central government – they do not build or maintain infrastructure to control floods and provide protection from storms, so this catastrophe has caused massive loss of life and damage, impacting most on the poor. A lack of care by the ruling class rich for the vast majority who are the poor; institutionalised corruption; and skewed priorities, whereby the military gets the lion’s share of the national budget, mean that millions of Filipinos are left exposed and in harm’s way.

PSNA is not a relief agency or a development agency but we can’t stand idly by while poor Filipinos suffer in huge numbers.

If you wish to donate, do so via PSNA and our good friends at Christian World Service will transmit the money to the National Council of Churches of the Philippines for us, in one lump sum (doing it that way means that none of the money raised has to be spent on the extortionate international money transfer fees charged by banks).

You can send your donation by cheque to:

Box 2450, 
Christchurch 8140 

Accompany it with a note saying “disaster appeal”, and include your e-mail address, so that we can acknowledge it.

Or you can deposit your donation directly into PSNA’s bank account:

Philippines Solidarity Network
Kiwibank, 155 The Terrace, Wellington
389000 0792619 00

Include your name and “disaster donation”.

And please e-mail us, to tell us that you’ve made the deposit, so that we can look out for it online.

Murray Horton

Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa