Thursday, April 17, 2014

Academics in Service of the American Empire

The Minerva Research Initiative

Since 2008, the U.S. military has relied on an ambitious research program called The Minerva Research Initiative established by then-Defense Secretary Robert Gates with the primary goal of achieving "a deeper understanding of the social, cultural and political dynamics that shape regions of strategic interest (to the U.S. government) around the world." Initial funding for this program was fifty million dollars, an amount that has been increasing over the years. The primary purpose has been to finance the work of academics at American universities and experts in other research centers as analysts on issues that may have an impact on the national security policies of the imperialist State.

Through the Minerva Initiative, the Department of Defense aims to support and focus resources on the “best universities in the country”; to define and develop fundamental knowledge about sources of present and future conflicts with a focus on understanding the political trajectories of key regions in the world; and to improve the ability of the Department of Defense to develop a body of "cutting edge social science" and interdisciplinary studies conducted by top researchers in these fields. In short, it seeks to recruit the cream of their intellectual elite for the endurance and glory of Manifest Destiny.

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