Thursday, April 24, 2014

Justice for Víctor

The good news last week that Immigration Court Judge Michael C. Horn in Miami formally linked SOA graduate General Jose Guillermo García to some of the worst human rights abuses of the Salvadoran Civil War. As Defense Minister (1979-83), he failed to hold soldiers under his command accountable for the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, the massacre of more than 1,000 civilians at El Mozote, and nine other atrocities. He faces deportation to El Salvador, pending appeal.

This is a step forward in ensuring justice in the Americas, but García is not the only SOA graduate who has until now enjoyed impunity in Florida. We need to turn up the pressure!

 Pedro Barrientos of Deltona, Florida was indited by Chilean Judge Miguel Vasquez Plaza in 2012 for the murder of Víctor Jara and an extradition request is pending with the Obama Administration. 

Contact the Obama Administration today to turn up the heat on our Justice for Víctor campaign to ensure Barreintos stands trial in Chile!

As the ruling against Gen. García clearly demonstrates, the Justice for Víctor campaign is winnable. We need to pressure the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and other branches of the the Obama Administration to change the culture of complicity in the brutal crimes committed in Latin America.

Contact the Obama Administration today and tell them Florida should not be a retirement haven for SOA graduates!